Health and Family Welfare Department
Government of Gujarat
About Ability Gujarat
"Ability Gujarat"  is the initiative of Department of Health and Family Welfare, Gujarat. The key component of the project is to identify persons with Disabilities and issue disability certificate to all of them within a specified time frame.
*To generate a comprehensive database of PwD's and provide them Disability certificates based upon guidelines for improving quality of life of PwD's
*Short Term Objectives:
Creation of a database of all PwD's in state by doing registration of all PwD's within the state
Assessment of all PwD's by reaching them
Issuance of Certificate to PwD's in case of obvious disabilities in campaign mode and then targeting on non-obvious disabilities
*Long Term Objectives:
Creation of a comprehensive databank of all PwD's in Gujarat
Promotion and prevention of disability to ensure equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation
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Below facility is available on above website.
1.Download Physical Survey Form (Form - 1)
2.Download Physical Survey Form in Gujarati (Form - 1)
3.PwD Registration
4.View Certificate and ID Card
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